Crowd of Men

male figures clad in flashing in various arrangements. Even a slightest move of one of the figures changes the narrative and meaning of the setup. Its a great time waster trying to work out what story I want to tell – and a lot of fun.    

Show in Otter Gallery – Chichester

FINALELEMENT Friday 16 November – Tuesday 18 December 2018 MA Fine Art cohort 2019 has a group exhibition of interim work and I’m taking part with 3 pieces on show. Private view at the Otter Gallery on University of Chichester Campus was a huge success with crowds queuing to get in to hear the speech…


This work is still investigative and looking into making series of heads/sculls and then finding out what arrangements will offer as a different reading and levels of interpretations. Before I write longer about the more intricate meanings behind the work here are some images to be getting along with.  

Mussels on the Beach

I am delighted that the commissioned sculpture of Mussels, shown on the beach in Selsey has now made it to the front page of Selsey Life magazine, June 2018 edition. Selsey Life 06/18 steel and oak


Finished a sculpture today! Hooray. Portland stone carving. Slightly larger than life.

Continuing research

After a bit of a lull in the proceedings due to some heavier work commitments recently I have now gone back to doing some more visual research and logging some of that activity with Pinterest. Also I went to London to look at Saatchi Gallery, visit a pop up art venue in Broadgate and gone…


This sculpture is following my usual method of having an overall idea about what I am doing and allowing myself and the sculpture to evolve during the process of making. Starting from the mold and building the head in plaster first, then de-molding the head from the rubber mold. The next step is to add…

Under the Thumb

This sculpture is following the same line as small armature pieces to do with the narrative but I have taken this one a little bit too far with the stereotyping. I found it quite funny but the quality of the pose, the weight of the body and the stance is quite good so I’m posting…


Narrative is all about information and leading you on in a story. Usually it is all about conversation to take a story forward and engage you to keep your interest. Mostly it is involving people and sometimes animals but it is always about the experience shared. In case of these sculptures they are about people…


This piece was an investigation into materiality, shape and figure, conjuring up images of ballet, sensuality, sexuality and virility as well as cowardice, labelling and stereotypes. It is made out of oil clay, a feather and wild clematis seeds. Working small scale makes it an investigative piece – researching materials and narrative and hoping to…